More than 90% of AFM's projected operating budget for 2022-2023 will come from contributions by families, alumni, and other supporters. Your donations are vital. They allow Amador Friends of Music (AFM) to support the music programs in a way that minimizes burden on the students. Music students are not asked to help fund the program by selling items (e.g., cookie dough or wrapping paper) so that they can focus on their music and academic studies.


Your contributions help cover direct operating costs:

  • Additional instruction and design staff

  • Transportation, food, and accommodations for performances

  • Personal items such as marching shoes, travel jackets, and T-shirts


Fundraising covers long-term capital investments:

  • Marching band uniforms

  • Large instruments such as percussion and sousaphones

  • Support equipment, such as speakers, metronomes, amplifiers, and carts