New Marching Dons

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A Message to New Members...

(from 22 July 2022 issue, AFM Weekly Newsletter)

WELCOME to AMADOR VALLEY MARCHING BAND & COLOR GUARD! I hope you are enjoying your summer and that you attended your summer sectionals. I will be serving as your band parent liaison this year. If you have any general band related questions, please feel free to contact me.

As Band Camp 2022 is approaching, please download this Marching Band Survival Guide to get ready. Your first day of Band Camp will be Saturday, July 30 from 9AM until 4PM. Arrive at the band room before 9AM. Also on Saturday July 30 will be a NEW MEMBER PARENT MEETING from 6:00-7:30PM.


Amador’s Freshman Orientation is planned for Tuesday August 9, and two sessions are being offered. All band/guard 9th graders must attend the earlier session from 8:00-10:30AM in order to be on time for band camp (starting at 11AM). Bring food so you can have a meal between 10:30-11:00AM.

This email is very important because it deals with communications. You will be receiving important emails from the band directors throughout the year through your school email address but your parents will need to as well. Here are various ways your parents will receive information - and thus, will need to sign up for information. I recommend that you forward this email to your parents. Or please share this information with them. =)


1. From Band Directors - via Charms

Charms is a music education administration software which the music directors use to communicate to 400 students who are involved in the 5 concert bands, 3 jazz bands, and the marching band color guard program. Parents will also receive emails from directors — thus it is very important that we have parent email addresses. Please fill out this simple survey so that we can add your contact information to Charms: Parent Contact Info for CHARMS

2. From AFM - Website, Newsletter, Remind

Amador Friends of Music is a non-profit organization that supports the Amador Music program. Here are 3 ways to receive communications from AFM:

That's it for now. Prepare sun protection and a large water jug for band camp, and drink lots of water the day before Band Camp to be ready the day of!

Sharolyn Borris


Music Specialist, Walnut Grove & Mohr Elementary schools