AFM Marching Band & Color Guard Donation

(All new and returning members of Marching Band & Color Guard)

Suggested donation: $1,350 

OPTION 1: PayPal 

Online transactions will go into AFM's PayPal account and incur a small processing fee. 

Write in memo what payment is for.

OPTION 2: Write a Check

Place check to AFM & into wooden box in Band Rm, or mail to PO Box 602, Pleasanton, CA 94566-0060

Include email on check to get a receipt.

OPTION 3: PayPal (monthly installments)

What this donation covers

This donation helps to offset program costs which can include music printing, purchase, and licensing; uniforms and performance attire; props and performance equipment; transportation and travel; competition fees; instruction and consultation; events and awards; as well as administrative costs. 

Please consider increasing your donation if possible (and seek corporate matching funds to amplify your donation) to help support others facing financial hardship.  Every donation is appreciated, no matter how large or small, and no student will be denied participation based on donation activity.  We're all in this together!