Uniform Care

Washing and returning uniforms

After the 12/3 holiday parade, please wash your bib pants and purple lycra shirt:

  • Lycra shirt. Place shirt in mesh bag (if available), use gentle cycle, cold water, and mild detergent (Woolite or similar), no bleach or fabric softener, and lay flat to dry. You can hand wash in cool water with mild detergent, wring dry (can roll in towel to get out moisture), and lay flat to dry.

  • Bib pants. Machine wash inside-out in cold water, mild detergent (Woolite or similar), no bleach, no fabric softener, dryer cool setting or permanent press, or hang to dry. PLEASE DO NOT DRY CLEAN.

On 12/8 (Thu) or 12/9 (Fri), bring your garment bag with full uniform (marching jacket, hip skirt, purple lycra shirt, and bib pants) to the Band Room lobby and place it on the appropriate racks, labeled by grade. AFM will have the marching jackets and hip skirts cleaned.

AVHS MB Uniform Care Instructions.pdf

Extra tips

  • Hang jacket with hip skirt attached on a hanger. Zip up the jacket so that it retains its shape

  • Hang bib pants neatly folded along the creases and gently folded over a velvet hanger

  • If your uniform is wrinkled, please iron. Do not iron over snap on the sides of the pants

  • Wash lycra performance shirts (cold water, hang dry)

  • Put bib pants on before putting on the marching shoes


  • Hair is to be secured and groomed neatly

  • Jewelry and sunglasses ARE NOT ALLOWED (including color guard)

  • Any piercing that cannot be removed must be covered with a bandage

  • Excessive make-up is not permitted. No lipstick to be worn, except for color guard (which will match)

  • No profanity while in uniform

  • No public displays of affection while in uniform

  • No eating or drinking while in uniform (unless instructed by directors)

  • All neck straps should be black

  • Any uniforms left at school will result in your performance grade lowered 1⁄2 letter grade