Uniform Upcycling

Make a donation for Upcycled gear tags

Gear tags will be distributed to all Band & Guard members at Senior Farewells (Nov 11) and upcoming practices — in time for WBA Champs.

Suggested donation: $10 per tag

ONLINE: Scan QR code or click this Square link


CASH: Students can bring money or checks to Senior Farewells

Orders for additional tags will be taken in the near future — stay tuned!

Help make more Upcycled items

Join us in turning old Marching Don jackets into additional gear tags and other items hair scrunchies, ties, throw pillows and more. Volunteers needed to help disassemble, cut, sew and create. We have weekend and weekday work session options, and work-at-home projects.

Items pre-ordered at Pigskin are the next priority, after gear tags are distributed to current Marching Dons.

Additional items will be created for future sale, possibly for a holiday boutique in December and for the BandCake auction in May.

All proceeds benefit Amador Friends of Music.

Approved for AVHS student service hours! Sessions can be arranged to accommodate your schedule.

Contact Jean at Jean.hazell@gmail.com for details.

"Fancy Friday" ties

hair accesories

zippered pouches

gear tags

show shirt bags

throw pillows

utensil bags

cornhole bags

stadium cushions