Tuberculosis (TB) clearance 

This is a new requirement for PUSD volunteers. To complete the volunteer clearance application,  you need one of the following:

Documentation should include the date, your name, your date of birth, and healthcare provider's contact info — must be within the last three years.


If you have no risk factors, download the TB risk assessment certificate of completion and ask your healthcare provider to complete the form.

If you have symptoms or exposure to someone with infectious TB during lifetime, or birth/travel/residence in a country with elevated TB rate for >1 month, you may be recommended for testing (eg TB skin test, chest x-ray, blood tests).


[Answers provided by Kelly French, Volunteer Clearance, Pleasanton Unified School District,]

Why is TB clearance suddenly being required of volunteers this year?

California Education Code requires all school volunteers to provide documentation of TB clearance every 4 years. This past spring, all PUSD board policies were reviewed and many, including Board Policy 1240: Volunteer Assistance and Administrative Regulation 1240: Volunteer Assistance, were updated to reflect current laws and regulations. As a result, PUSD's volunteer clearance process changed.

Is a parent's TB clearance, as well as background check and fingerprinting, a one-time requirement?

Once a volunteer's Live scan fingerprints have cleared by the Department of Justice and FBI, the volunteer will not have to be fingerprinted again for PUSD for the duration of their student(s)' years in PUSD. For more information regarding Live Scan fingerprinting, please review the Live Scan Fingerprinting pages in the PUSD Volunteer Handbook.

TB clearance documentation must be uploaded every year, but volunteers can upload the same documentation from the previous year so long as the test result/healthcare provider's documentation is no more than three years old. For detailed information regarding TB clearance requirements, please review the Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance Verification pages in the PUSD Volunteer Handbook. The method a volunteer takes for TB clearance verification is highly variable as it depends on an individual's relationship with their healthcare provider, their insurance and whether they are low/high risk. 

How is the TB requirement being enforced? 

We rely on volunteers to follow district procedures for the health and safety of all. Expenses incurred for TB clearance are the responsibility of the volunteer.

How can a parent check their status (to confirm, for instance, that prior results are still valid)?

Any parent needing a status update regarding any aspect of their volunteer clearance application, should email and we're happy to help. 

We understand that process changes can be cumbersome. A big thank you to all the parents who are willing to volunteer!

FOR MORE INFO: See PUSD Volunteer Handbook (pg 8-9) on the Volunteers page of the PUSD website.