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Uniforms are a critical component of marching band—there is no other feeling in the world like walking onto a field with your band, knowing that you are part of a bigger whole. Your Marching Don uniform is a visual representation of all the hard work you put into creating a great show.

Volunteers needed:

It takes a village to make a band look this good! We could really use your help. No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Volunteers needed throughout the year for start-of-school fitting, tailoring and uniform check-in. Please see newsletter  for sign-up genius links or contact Sarah Coulter at sarah.coulter@me.com.

Fitting information (beginning of season):

When: Schedule for Uniform Fittings 
What to bring:

What to expect:

  • During fitting, you will be measured and fitted for bib pants, uniform jacket, shako or beret, gauntlets and gloves. New students will be fitted for shoes and shoe fit will be checked for returning students.

  • You will also be given a garment bag. You will take home shoes, bib pants and uniform jacket. Please see care instructions below.

  • Shakos or berets, plume, gloves and gauntlets will be retrieved and returned on-site for performances.

Returning uniforms (end of season):

When: January

What to bring:

  • Garment bag : Check all pockets and remove everything except jacket and pants.

  • Jacket – DO NOT CLEAN JACKET. Hang jacket on hanger and place in garment bag. (Note: Jackets will be dry cleaned by AFM before the next marching season)

  • Pants – Wash pants at home on cool setting. Iron pants by hand using a cool setting. Hang pants on hanger and place in garment bag.

  • Clean and store band shoes in the shoe box at home for next season.

What to expect:

  • Grade may be withheld if uniform is not returned.

  • Cost may be incurred if uniform return directions are not followed. This includes potential costs to replace lost articles or to clean pants.