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Scrip is a program where you purchase gift cards and gift certificates to stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc., and use them like cash when you shop.  For each scrip purchase, a rebate is returned to the Amador Friends of Music.  Rebates from the Scrip purchases run between 2% and 20%, depending on the company. Click to view the Complete List of Scrip Merchants.

The Scrip fundraising program is considered an individual contribution. 75% of the rebate earned from a Scrip purchase is considered a donation towards the recommended donation for each student. The balance of 25% of the rebate is donated to the AFM general fund. During the fall of 2012, 100% of the rebate from Scrip orders is considered a donation toward your student's account.

Scrip is often used by AFM members for regular ongoing purchases (such as groceries), large purchases (such as a new appliance) or as gift certificates to share with family and friends.   Hotels and airlines provide the highest rebates, and the rebates can be combined with the hotel or airline reward programs. If you travel for work or vacations, think of Scrip as a way to help raise funds for AFM.  There is no minimum order or minimum participation, order at your convenience.

How to Order Scrip

You order your scrip directly online! Go to and get started.  

Initial Setup:

Go online at

  1. Register your email
  2. Establish your password
  3. Join Amador Friends of Music (enrollment code 3361367C9842)

Placing an Order:

  1. Go online at
  2. Login using your email & password
  3. Select the "Order Scrip" tab to place your order
  4. Print your order to include with your check.

    Sign up for Presto Pay to use on your next order. No need to submit your confirmation sheet if you use PrestoPay
  5. Drop in the special AFM locked box on my porch or mail check, payable to AFM, to:  

    Mina Behnam
    1012 Malaga Ct.
    Pleasanton, CA 94566  
    Payment must be received by the order deadline at 10 pm.

Scrip vs. eScrip?

Confused about these two similarly named fundraising programs? You're not alone. Click here for clarification.