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eScrip is a program that involves registering your grocery loyalty cards, credit and debit cards online. When you use your registered cards at participating merchants, AFM is then automatically credited a percentage of your purchase. eScrip supports both AFM, and the AVHS Choir & Orchestra, (you can select which portion of the program you’d like to support.) You only need to sign-up for eScrip once per year, and you do not need to purchase gift cards in advance (such as the Scrip program above). It’s easy to do, simply to register your cards.

The eScrip fundraising program is considered an individual contribution. 75% of the rebate earned from an eScrip purchase is considered a donation towards the requested donation for each AFM student, or donated to the AVHS Choir and Orchestra program on behalf of your student. The balance of 25% of the rebate is donated to the general fund of your program.

Have questions, contact the eScrip Coordinator for band, or the eScrip Coordinator for the Choir/Orchestra program.

Scrip vs. eScrip?

Confused about these two similarly named fundraising programs? You're not alone. Click here for clarification.