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Caring for your uniform

Parents are financially responsible for each piece of the uniform. Damage to, or loss of, any part of the uniform will result in full replacement charges billed to your student’s account. Please be sure that your student takes excellent care of this uniform. Failure to comply with the uniform policy may result in loss of performing privileges and also a loss of academic points. See full description in the Handbook.


Guide to caring for your uniform:

Garment bag

Each student’s garment bag has his/her name and identification information listed on the front label. The pants and jacket should be stored on hangers in the bag. Shoes (but not the shoe box) should be stored in the shoe pouch.

Bib pants

Pants should be stored properly, with the legs creased and hanging over a sturdy suit hanger. The seams on both the inside and outside of your pants should be in the center of the hanger. The pants should be hung and stored so that no wrinkles appear. Pants should only be worn when the marching shoes are worn. The pants are hemmed at the appropriate length for these shoes. Wearing different shoes can result in the pants dragging, causing fraying and damage to the pant leg. Also, at competitions you must wear the same pair of shorts or leggings that you wear at the fitting. Cost to replace if lost or damaged: $60.00

Bib pants can (and should!) be washed at home in cold water. Remove from dryer and hang immediately to avoid wrinkles. Note: IRON PANTS BY HAND ONLY using a COOL SETTING; DO NOT DRY CLEAN or have pants pressed. (Commercial garment pressing machines can melt the snaps.)

Uniform jacket

The jacket should be zipped up and hung smoothly over a sturdy hanger. DO NOT WASH OR DRY CLEAN JACKET. If any mending or cleaning is needed during the season, please contact your section leader. Cost to replace if lost or damaged: $150.00

Shakos (hats)

When not in use, Shakos will be kept inside the Shako box. RA’s will be responsible for the distribution of the Shakos and plumes/birdies at each event.


Each student is assigned a pair of gloves. Gloves are stored in the Shako box. (Certain approved instrument sections will be directed to cut off the tips of the gloves and apply a product called Fray Check, which can be purchased at a craft store, to ensure the gloves do not unravel. This will be coordinated by the section leaders.


Each student is assigned a size. After each performance, gauntlets are returned as a pair to the correct box (by size) so they are ready for distribution at the next event. Cost to replace if lost or damaged: $30.00


Students must wear their marching shoes each time the uniform is worn. The shoes should have the student’s initials written on the inside of the shoes. Shoes must be cleaned prior to each performance, including the leather tops and the soles. Students are required to keep the shoes in the garment bag shoe pouch when not being worn. Please do not put the shoes in the main portion of the garment bags.

IMPORTANT: Keep the shoe box. You will need to store your shoes in the box after marching season.


Students are required to furnish their own black dress socks, which will need to be worn every time the marching shoes are worn. Please change out your black socks each time the uniform is worn! You may want to keep a spare pair of socks with your shoes. Socks do not need to be stored inside the garment bag.

Band T-shirts

Band T-shirts are part of the uniform and are to be worn to each event under the jacket and pants. The T-shirts should be cleaned between each use.

Shorts or Leggings

Shorts or leggings are also part of the uniform and are to be worn to each event under the pants. Shorts or leggings should be cleaned between each use.