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The Amador Valley High School Music Program consists of five Concert Bands – two Wind Ensembles,  Wind Syphonies, and Symphonic Band.  The Amador Valley Music program also includes three Jazz Bands (Jazz A, Jazz B, and Workshop), two Orchestras and several Choir ensembles, including Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Women's Choir, Mixed Vocal Ensemble and Men's Ensemble.  The Guard and Percussion units perform in two Winterguards and Winter Percussion units.

Some tips for using the new Web Site

Welcome to the new Amador Valley High School Music web site!

Here are are a few tips to help you make the most of it:

Stay Up to Date

Important band program updates are published in two places on the site:

  • The Home Page will show the most important updates for the whole Amador Valley Music program.
  • Each Ensemble page will show the latest updates and resources for each Ensemble.  You can access the Ensemble pages using the main navigation menu in the upper left. You can also view all band program updates at any time here.

In addition, all Newsletters will be posted as updates to the home page, and you can get to the Newsletter archive easily using the main site navigation, under "For Members".

Make sure to check these pages often to stay up to date!

Access Anywhere from your Smartphone or Tablet

The site is fully mobile and tablet compatible.  You'll have access to all site content, formatted to function and look great on any smartphone or tablet.


The Search link at the bottom of every page might become your best friend!  Use it to quickly search across the entire web site.  The results include not just all pages and site update, but also Newsletters, Media Gallery items, and Resources/documents - anywhere you might have seen whatever it is you're looking for.


Charms is an important resource along with this site, so we've made it easy to get to Charms.  To login to Charms, use the Charms link in the footer of every page.  We've also provided a link to the Charms Calendar in the main navigation menu in the upper left.


All Photos and Video can be found on the Media page. The Media page lets you filter by Tags for each Ensemble.  Also, the latest media for an Ensemble will be shown on each Ensemble page as well.

The Media page also contains convenient links to our social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Contacting Us

There are several ways to contact the Amador Valley H.S. Band and Staff:  

  • Use the Contact Us link in the footer of every page
  • The Staff listing provides links to easily email each Staff member
  • Amador Friends of Music board members can be reached through the AFM Page

Finally, if you have any problems with the site or suggestions on how we can improve it, contact the webmaster.

Thanks, and have a great 2014-2015 school year!

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